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I am a digital media artist
conducting research in
digital realities and narrative.

My areas of focus include
game development,
virtual and augmeneted reality,
digital performance,
interactive narrative,
and artificial intelligence.


"I am currently exploring the visual language of augmented and virtual reality. I believe this visual language is similar but seperate from the visual language of film we know as cinematography."

My background includes animation, computer graphics, programming and traditional fine arts involving illustration and sculpture. I have over twenty-two years of experience in these areas.


I have an extensive background in solution architecture and graphical pre-visualization.


I have worked in the fields of Design and Illustration for Twenty-nine years.


In my twenty-one years of Digital Media design, I have worked on hundreds of applications, web-sites, and kiosks.


My development experience includes cloud based super-computing, games and web applications.

  • CitySaga: The Auburn Avenue Story. Sping 2015 DETAILS
  • Having a Catch with Dad. December 2013 DETAILS
  • Addams Family Murder Mystery ARG. December 2014 DETAILS
  • Hall of Wonders. March 2008 DETAILS
  • CG Painting Technique. May 2010 DETAILS
  • Nanofly Design Fiction. March 2014 DETAILS
  • The Visual Language of Reality. Dec 2015 DETAILS
  • Multiple Panorama Narrative. Dec 2015 DETAILS
  • Virtual Streetmaps Graffiti. Winter 2016 DETAILS

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