Pandemic Sensing Nanobot Fly – Narrative

NanoFly in Action

Every year the news feeds light up with the threat of pandemic disease.  Bird Flu, Norovirus, Ebola, Aids, Plague, H11N17.  We are under constant threat by agents we cannot even see without the aid of a microscope.  These global threats to humanity hide away in the far off regions of our habitat, waiting to leap from some middle man carrier to the unsuspecting explorer or vendor in the streets.  At that point, it may be too late.  In a modern world where one person within the period of days may come into contact with hundreds or thousands of people around the globe, one exposure can become the end of the human race.

Why can’t we find the threat sooner?  Why must we wait until people die or expose hundreds to the same threat?  Now we don’t have to.  We can take the fight to the beginning, find the threat before it attacks and end it before it ever starts, thanks to the NanoFly.

The Piezo-Electric NanoFly can roam autonomously anywhere.  It can remain undetected in order to avoid suspicion and interference from non-compliant farmers or businessmen.  It detects pandemic threats at the point of initial infection, wirelessly letting vigilant agents around the world know when a threat is detected.  The nanobot can detect infection through contact with animals, by ranging remotely in jungles, using wind or the motion of a host to remain charged.  In this way a swarm of NanoFlies may search a remote region to detect unknown deseases.

The true potential of the NanoFly is that it is designed to attract other flies.  It uses contact with other flies local to its range to charge itself up when its battery runs down.  This extends its reach beyond the limit of what one fly can detect.  Through social contact with other flies in a region, one NanoFly can watch over an entire town or city.  If a positive detection occurs through contact with another fly the NanoFly can stun the infected fly and embed a tracer within its body allowing the NanoFly to track the infection back to its source.

The Nanofly, pandemic protection through early detection.

The NanoFly is a design fiction project. It is not real. However if you wish to discuss the possibilities of developing the technology, you may contact me at colinfizgig AT gmail Dot com