The Hall of Wonders
The Hall of Wonders was a build I created in Second Life for IBM. The goal of the build was to teach new users in Second Life how to navigate the virtual world. To accomplish this I created a 3d environment based on M.C. Escher's Reletivity. The goal in building a space that lacked traditional architecture was to force the user to rely on my instructions for navigation through the world. If the users followed the guides for navigation they would learn the necessary skills to interact with the many different puzzels throughout the build. If they tried to navigate the world on their own then they would quickly become lost in space.

Aside from training new users to interact in a virtual world, the build also involved a narrative. The story was a love story between a sorcerer's apprentice and a famous victorian opera singer. If the user followed the directions and learned to navigate the space correctly they would also reveal the story and discover the way to help the apprentice finally escape the tower with his lover.

The build was well received within the IBM training community as well as within Second Life, where it was revived several times for encore appearances.