Addams Family Murder Mysteries
In the Fall of 2014, I took an AI narrative class taught by Mark Riedl. Our main project for the class was to create a game in which the narrative was completely generated by an AI program. My partner AJ Kolenc and I decided to create a murder mystery based on the Addams Family.

The Game was designed to be played in the center of the Georgia Tech campus. It was intended to be run on an iOS mobile device using the ARGON augmented reality browser. Within Argon pressing the "find clues" btn uses Vuforia image recognition to scan realworld locations for clues about the various objects used by the non player characters in the game.

To play the game you go around to each of the rooms, as located on the map, scan for clues and interrogate the members of the Addams Family. In the beginning of the game, you don't know who has been murdered. You find them by talking to each character as you explore the game. When you try to talk to the murder victom you discover that they are dead as well as clues to how they were murdered based on the state of their body. As you play the game you uncover knowlege and clues. These clues allow you to ask the family members about more things. Eventually you may think you have a good idea about who killed the victom, where they killed them and with which weapon. Make sure you have eliminated all of the innocent characters, because it is possible that more than one family member may appear guilty.

The AI engine creates a simulation for the characters by giving them goals. Each character moves around the simulation establishing relationships to rooms, characters and objects. These relationships are recorded as memories which can be queried later. Eventually a character recieves a motive and method for killing another character. When all of the factors for the murder to take place are possible, the murder happens.

Here is a link to the full version of the game designed to be played in Argon on iPads or iPhones.

You activate rooms by clicking on them. You can talk to the people in a room when you have entered the room they are in. Entering a room with a person in it gives you that clue to talk about with other people. Scanning for clues about objects like weapons will add those as an option to ask characters about.

Below is the story which was generated for the game listed in the window above. You can expand the div to read more, but be warned it will tell how the murder happened.