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Cooper tutorials

Face modeling___This is the beginning of an all inclusive tutorial on how I created and rigged a 3d model of my son Cooper. This part of the tutorial covers modeling the face using front and side rotoscopes.

Head and ear modeling___This tutorial finishes the head. It covers tips on using the "Magnet tool" and building an ear.

Mouth and Teeth modeling___This tutorial covers modeling a mouth and teeth.

Hair modeling___This is a solution to modeling hair. It covers a method of modeling using a simple skull cap and displacement maps.

Eye Modeling___A tutorial on modeling an eye ball.

Texturing the face___This tutorial covers the creation of textures for the face and applying them using flattening and decals.

Modeling the torso___This covers modeling a clothed (in this case with pajamas) torso.

Modeling the pelvis and legs___This tutorial covers the modeling of the pelvis and legs.

Modeling a hand___How to build a good looking yet simple hand.

Modeling a foot___How to build a good looking yet simple foot.

Rigging the shoulders and hips___Some tricks I've used to rig shoulders and hips which make smartskinning and animation allot easier.

Other Tutorials

Hair Property Maps___My Hair direction map painting application and a tutorial on how to use decals to control hair and fur properties.

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